Why is SoCal so popular?

Before I got live I expected Chicago to be the most popular region but then saw that SoCal was instead. Why is that?

It’s because the diversity of terrain. There is mountains and flat areas. Also because it’s a free region.


Oh Ok, thanks.

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Your welcome.

Also water. The approach into San Clemente or Catalina is very nice.


Because there are loads of combinations of flights you can do, it has loads of airports and therefore there is ATC, therefore there are people, therefore there is ATC, therefore there is people…


Thanks for the answers everybody !!!

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and its one of the few regions where there are real life routes

First and foremost, you don’t have to buy this region and it has got (as somepeople above said) diverse terrain and lots of big airport to fly to and out from.

SoCal is a free region. That’s why it’s so busy.

Because people can’t afford the London region

KLAX KSAN and KPSP, also as mentioned before California’s diverse terrain. I love my Cali!