Why is SoCal on ts1 so busy?

It’s always socal that has the most pilots flying on ts1 it would be nice to see a change.


Yea we do hope :-|

Fly on expert for a better experience with daily region changes


Diverse terrain, lots of airports, realistic routes, the list goes on


Most of it is LAX is know more by a lot of people and the fame industry is in LA county so it is a big thing then there’s Palm Springs and also the map goes into Tijuana Mexico

Probably because SoCal is a free region, and because it has KLAX, which arguably is one of the more iconic airports in Infinite Flight.

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This is just one of the 50 prior closed topics exactly the same as this.

Not exactly I’m mostly asking why it’s so busy

I can’t be bothered doing the searching for you to find the ones that relate directly. Sorry but this is a duplicate of biblical proportions. It’s been discussed and answered over and over again.

  1. it is free
  2. iconic airports
  3. easy terrain/approaches
    4)there are always ATC there
  4. not sure but I think it is the default region
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SoCal is ts1’s Hub

San Francisco is Casual’s Hub

Every region (apart form Denver) Is Expert’s Hub

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make TS1 great again ;)