Why is SoCal Busy?

It is hardly ever Sydney Australia or New York?

Come to the advanced server! We move among different regions.


I can’t the Grade thingies are stopping me!

I know it’s hard to deal with the Playground server, but just keep going and earning XP and then you come onto advanced and “never” look back.

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Yesterday I noticed atc was open on different regions like ny London and Amsterdam

On the playground? Yeah occasionally it is opened in other regions, with SoCal still being the busiest even then.

London has become a lot more popular on the PG server, there is nearly always about 20 flights in London nowadays, it used to be only SoCal.
Remember players only fly where there is ATC, maybe ask a group of people to open ATC in another region and get that populated

Yeah pg but it’s a start

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SoCal because:

  • Major A380 handling airport (LAX)
  • Real world routes (LAX-SAN)
  • Mountains
  • Loads of Air Force bases
  • Loads of bush flying ranches
  • KNUC (everyone loves this for some reason)
  • Large, but not huge
  • Able to accommodate both short and long ‘realistic’ flights
  • Simple airport layouts encourage ATC practicing. Advanced airport layouts can be found aswell for better controllers
  • Planes follow the ATC
  • more planes = more ATC
  • more ATC = more planes
  • etc.

Also a free region.


It should be: a free region that includes…

'Cause Oshkosh is free…

And Amsterdam also…

Amsterdam is sometimes busy on PG. It was yesterday, but not as busy as SoCal obviously.

I would love to see more people at SoFlo or DenvR

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That’s true. Hopefully the other regions do become more active on PG.

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I think what restricts other regions being as busy as SoCal is terrain. SoCal has just the right balance of hills, sea and plains.

Oshkosh, Chicago, NC, New York, Paris are all flat, so no interesting approaches or views.

Seattle, Denver are so mountainous that there’s not much room for international airports, which attracts most people.

Because there are controllers who will be active for days on end! Like this guy! I was controlled by him a few hours ago and he’s still active!


This topic has been discussed to death. Please have a look around before posting questions.

SoCal gets many pilots (Free, huge population in the area so many LA and San Diegans, etc. will fly there --> ATC comes for the many pilots --> More pilots come because of the ATC --> People fall in love the SAN, LAX, NUC, and PSP --> Lather, rinse, repeat


in my first hours, i could spawn at KHAF because low level of standing… when my standing get 100%, i could realise i can enter the others airports and regions, buy SoCal and saw “Active ATC”, so when i spawned for the first time at KLAX, i couldt be happy by see more planes. that one, weeks before actual Live system update get installed in my phone

A bad pun:
Why is SoCal SOcal busy?
like, why is SoCal so busy, instead of so, it’s SOcal.
haha, i know, bad.