Why Is SoCal Always Full, And Busy

i was wondering why SoCal is always so busy, when other regions are never in use, and if they are, little or no traffic. also Singapore, and Kuala Lumpur can get busy on PG Too!


Come to SinKL! I would be really happy! :D

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I still don’t know the answer to this question. I don’t know honestly, it’s kinda weird. It’s like the hub for Free Flight is San Francisco, and the hub for Playground is SoCal. It never changes. 😂 The only server that doesn’t have a “hub” is Advanced.

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The hub is… portable for Advanced! 😂


Thats True. It Changes Everyday!

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Pls. search. There are plenty of topics on this and I have explained it many times here.

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This have been answered for many times (like @Boeing707 said), But I’ll answer it.

The reason why SoCal is always crowded because SoCal have big airports (Like KLAX and KSAN) rather than other region and because SoCal is Free

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And for SinKL, we know it, WSSS and WMKK

For London, EGLL and EGBB

But, what differs SGKL with other regions is because of WSSS and WMKK can accomodate A380 but at the Same time have RL routes (EGBB Could accomodate A380, but No direct flights between EGLL and EGBB)

Indeed… But London seems to be the third busiest… Otherwise, I would say @Jan and @flyingdutchman’s EHAM and EDDL

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EDDL Can’t accomodate A388 AFAIK

Lol doesn’t have to be about A388 accommodation

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