Why is RJTT more popular than RJAA?

I have consistently noticed more flights to and from RJTT(Haneda) than RJAA(Narita) and more ATC Coverage as well on the Training Server. Would have thought this would be the opposite given Narita is the bigger international airport.

Any particular reason for this?

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We’re still investigating why KNUC was so crowded in SoCal back in the days when we had regions. Results are still coming up inconclusive and a federal investigation have been called for.

We’ll get back to you in 142 years.

No idea, who knows why any of the crazy things that happens on TS1 happens


A plethora of small things, but mostly personal preference. I can tell if you want to get statistical, Haneda has more non-stops and is busier, Narita has no domestic flights, Haneda has a more friendly layout than Narita. However, a definitive answer will be hard for you to find.


Haha Alright! Cannot wait to get to Grade 3 to begin flying on the Expert Server!


Where people fly on TS is totally based on ATC, for instance when there was Atc at Salt Lake City for the DLVA and AFKLM collab a lot of pilots made their way there. So if one controller wants to control at an airport people will go there.

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My guess is that RYTT sounds more like Tokyo than RYAA because of the „T“. That might be a reason for people to choose Haneda over Narita in Infinite Flight. It also looks bigger on the map since it has a more special runway alignment.

Can be a coincidence though. As @The_Geniusman said, on TS it’s mostly based on where ATC services are provided.

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MaxSez: Interesting that Japanise aeridromes are getting so much attention. The East to include Oceania are Virgin Territory. Fly those eastern archipelago for a real treat. Staff them up ATC Boss, The EU is a has been, only old people like me travel there out of nostalgia, youngsters just follow the leader. Let’s start traveling the world, there are wonders waiting for you. Chasing IFATC is great sport, but flying the same profile and mouthing the Q cards is not the end all be all. Fly the Damm Plane you’ll eventually find Shangri-La…

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The layout of the airport’s gates, and RJTT has two more runways.

Good question… we are also trying to figure out why KNUC operated 747s and a380s and also we are trying to figure out no one goes to KSDF, KMSP, KISP, KLGA, and EGCC

Good Day, SouthernDude

I don’t know what you’re talking about…Narita is my preferred airport when I fly in Asia. Maybe I’m one of a select few.

@Maxmustang it might also have to do with high resolution scenery… potentially? Much of Africa, South America, Oceania, and internal Asia don’t get many visits, why? Well they have class B’s and mountainous regions, and seemingly everything all other regions have but not high resolution scenery which could be the cause.

You’re definitely right, there’s for sure a follow the leader, and it makes sense: where there’s ATC, there’s usually gonna be more traffic. For me, I usually like flying for whatever I’m in the mood for, currently doing LIS-CDG, while everyone else is soaking up sun in the Bahamas on Expert. Don’t get me wrong, it’s great they mix around destinations for ATC control on expert though.

Just my 2¢

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@Moosehead08. MaxSez: Your absolutely correct on the imagryl i should had checked the coverage. Am not sure however if it’s a major factor though. I suspect very few ever accessed the Grafic except when first published. The airport crew has done a bang up job in the new imagery voids. Airfield even the rinkydings dirt strips are exact in the areas I’ve flow extensively which includes; all of SEAsia, Oceanica and portions of the Asian Sub-Continent bordering the Indian Ocean. The regions are treasure chests and there topography is close enough for government work from 30 grand, 0.85K… Thanks for the rightist feedback. Regards

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I could be wrong but I think it has to do with location, when you look at it NRT is about 50km further from the city center, people would rather fly into Haneda because of the convenience of being closer. It can kinda be looked at like a JFK vs LaGuardia situation, if you can most people opt for a nonstop to LGA if possible because of its location.

Probably because it was like ‘flying over seas’. “oh here we go, off to Los Angeles”.

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