Why is Oshkosh so hated?

Haha the biggest air show in America maybe lol

I bet your saying that beacuse you live near Oshkosh
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MaxAsks: Kai Ta or Kai Tak. There is no Kai Ta in the ICAO Master List. Hong Kong’s Kai Tak has been closed for years. Just sayin

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Legendary landings at that strip. Apperantly there is (or was) a massive checkerboard on the side of a mountain to tell pilots when to precisely turn on final, known as the “checkerboard approach.” I’ve read that it was a strictly captains only landing.


I fairly enjoy Oshkosh. If I need to do some serious touch and goes, I go to Oshkosh and use all the runways there to get a lot of XP.

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Reasons listed above + the fact that Air Traffic Controlling becomes stressful in the smaller regions, especially for the approach controllers as there are more airplanes in an even smaller airspace.

I think ATC can devise a plan wherein we open the small regions like Oshkosh, San Fransisco & New york along side the bigger regions simultaneously.

This would :

  • Reduce the workload for the ATC in the smaller regions.
  • Unused regions like Oshkosh can be utilized by the pilots.

Ofcourse this would be only applicable in the peak hours/weekends when enough traffic and ATC is available for the big and small region to be active simultaneously.

@Damian… MaxSez. Made the run into KT numerous times from Fatima, Okinawa in a C-130. The Checker Board was a legend … Remnants of it still remain. Best Party Town in the Far East. Regards

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