Why is Nothing Free?

No Infinite Flight also

Haven’t changed it for ages because I forgotten to care

Well then… pce ✌🏽✌🏽

9 months isn’t “ages”. Trust me, i have two kids. But anyway. Thanks for your not so humble opinion. Now skip away.


You don’t want attention so you say, Adverstising is a form of drawing attention to yourself or your product but your not trying to get attention though right.Also considering you play on Apple products you haven’t even got the update yet so how in the he** would you know how good the c-130 is from just a couple pictures .Like usual someone try’s to come on here and spew utter horse crap because mom didn’t by them a cookie and the store and they gotta take the anger out somewhere .


Duplicate but still open.
I don’t understand mods

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Or just add “Reminder”


Some of the newer aircraft cockpits have nicer cockpits than that of the default planes in FSX! I understand that they aren’t functional, but keep in mind that it is a small group of developers, not a huge company, and that they’re working with cell phones and tablets.

I’m glad you were able to come to this conclusion on your own, seeing that you are a big boy now. The next step in your plan should be not to buy said aircrafts and not complain about it and let others measure their worth. Isn’t this fun? ;)


What is Infinite Flight made for? Entertainment for all ages. I, a teenager, do not have a job, therefore, do not have the money to waste on a few extra pixels. If it was cheaper, or even free, it would be a game I would be extremely happy with, I’d recommend it to others, but, they have overpriced everything. Live is a beautiful example of that, using a server that anyone could host, and charging 4 quid per MONTH for it. It is out of hand. Come, revs, the only free thing we are going to get is global, give us some more GOOD planes with it??

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I saw the title and I was like “oh boy, another make everything free thread” but seriously i like the click bait this will explain to people why things can’t be free. Quality is number 1

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Global almost certainly won’t be free

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Don’t remember anything about it being free. Would like to know where you got that information from.

Ok, yes that is attention seeking in advertising. But I was not attention seeking when I made the above comments. And have I been angry? My language has been calm. I am not expressing anger here, I am expressing a sort of confusion you could say. I wouldn’t expect you to understand, but that’s alright. And I have a friend who also thinks the same way about IF, he has downloaded the C-130 and I flew it. But my writing has not been about how good or bad the C-130 is, I was about other things spanning a much wider range of subjects.

FDS said they are aware of the challenges teenagers and others without income face when purchasing these things, but otherwise they would have no profits. I don’t even think global is going to be free, and for very good reasons. It’s expensive and time consuming to create this sim!

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You really want to go there, sonny?

This post illustrates the concept of “free” being a myth with plenty of specific examples. The other explains cost purely in relation to FDS. So I’ll ask you why you felt the need to jump a parachute wagon into a thread generating constructive discussion, tagging mods willy-nilly and killing the mood? Flag it if you strongly disagree. Up-to-date information is placed here in this thread.

I also asked Henrik, a mod, where to place this, by the way. Bother to ask or investigate first before tripping in. :)

This applies to you as well, @Flying-Switzerland


Servers are not cheap. Back before I discovered IF, I used to run Minecraft severs. A custom machine with specific mods installed would run you $20-30 for every GB/20 players. FDS has top of the line hardware that covers the globe; for goodness sake, people from Asia and Italy can control and fly perfectly on Live with no lag. We have some people from those areas in the controlling team.

Now, multiply those costs with the hundreds of people who connect daily. Professional services, to boot. Far cry from an amateur game clan server.

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With all due respect man but you’re probably one of those guys who expects to get X-Plane 11 on a mobile device. That’s not what IF is, you want more? Perfect, buy an expensive laptop and get X-Plane which you said you did, so why hanging out here? Seriously.

Many people have been playing IF before actually joining the forums. I’m one of those people :)

I have X Plane, FSX and my personal favourite on P3D on my PC