Why is my plane pitching up and down violently during auto leveling mode?

So I had this problem for a while now, I set my cruising altitude and when I reach there, my plane just pitches up and down 20+ degrees, causing the aircraft to hit v.s. 6000 or more, and it gets more and more every time it does it. This happens to me most commonly on the following aircrafts:
The A320 series
When I encounter these behaviors, I will just set the cruising altitude to another level and set the v.s. to 0. If anyone knows why this happens and how to prevent/fix this issue, please leave a comment, thanks!

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Speed has to be around 300 kts or M 0.80

Hello, welcome to the community! This is a known issue and should be fixed in the upcomig updates. Here is the explanation for the issue you experienced above.

this is a known issue. One thing for the B77W is lower your fpm to cruise to abt 500fpm…which helps the bobbing…as for the A321, do the same as above and ensure that you wanna be lower than you want to be higher

Thanks everyone so much for the explanation, I’ll try to follow you guy’s solutions and I hope they will fix this in a upcoming update.

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