Why is my plane going off course

my did it turn to the left ?

You must have been going to fast and the A/P could not turn quick enough.


there wasnt really a turn though?

You might NAV1 set instead of GPS


no i have gps selected

What is your callsign, and what server are you flying on?

training easy 2233

it’s literally this corner

Just a simple question since we have to start from somewhere, can you confirm you have LNAV on and selected? This is just so we can confirm that you were on LNAV on a GPS source. Did you for whatever reason have APPR on?

lnav on and no appr

Do you have two duplicate fixes for whatever reason or two fixes extremely close to each other on the turn that is unnoticeable from your image? That turn shouldn’t be a factor though.

From what I see in the picture, the next leg from BRICK (after the turn) is not activated. Maybe that’s why?

what do you mean not activated?

It’s pink, so it’s activated correctly.

In this picture, it looks like the leg before BRICK is active (pink).

However, in this picture, that leg (BRICK onwards) is active, and your aircraft is flying it correctly.

why and how would it not be active?

The reason could be because you don’t/didn’t have GPS selected as the source, and it’s switched to NAV1 or NAV2. Did you hit APPR by accident while changing an autopilot parameter? I’ve done that once or twice.

no because the source says gps

Maybe your turning angle is too big?

it’s not that big though. ?

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