Why is my plane going absolutely crazy?

I’m on short final but then my plane is going either up to where I stall out, or down to where I crash into the beginning of the runway. On takeoff, my plane goes into the air nicely, but when I apply the slightest rudder, it starts to do loops and eventually crashes. I can’t even land the 747-400 without crashing because of this problem.

Samsung Galaxy S21
Android 11

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Are you able to share a replay where this happens - you can do so via this website -

did you calibrate before this happened?

it might be because im so used to ptfs that i can barely control the plane. idk if thats true tho

Hi, can you please respond to @BennyBoy_Alpha 's question. Without visual evidence we can only guess, which likely won’t help you.

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How do you record a flight in the first place tho

All flights are saved as replays automatically - click on the three bars in the top left - then “logbook” - select a flight and there should be a big orange button in the bottom right that says “View Replay File” (or something like that - *

don’t click on it -

click the three bars in the top right > “Share” > then save to somewhere on your device.

then follow the instructions on the website that I linked.

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