Why is my plane at 100%n1 at cruise

why is my plane at 100%N1 at cruise?
well i am flying the new A339 from LPPR-SBGL.
i am at cruise now at fl380. nose is pitched up a few degrees ,flap is at 1, but still the engines n1 is at 100%.
this is making me lose more fuel and its making my ete in red.
Does anybbody know why its a 100%n1?
i saw another post but they said it was becasue it was an old aircraft or if there is another post simillar can you show it to me?

is it a step climbing issue?

What’s your load percentage? You may be too high for your weight.

You need to retract your flaps?

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uhh i dont think 66% is that heavy

i tried that it didnt work

Try going down to FL360 - see if that helps.

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Yes, this is most definitely a step climbing issue. I would descend, make sure you’re at a reasonable altitude, and clean up your flaps.

66% load is too much for FL380, especially considering the performance of the A330.


So is fl360 fine or should i go lower?

You shouldn’t have flaps out at cruise. FL360 should be fine for 66% load.

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well the ete is no longer in red so i believe the problem is over. Thanks guys!

You are welcome!

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I just checked on solo. At your weight the most fuel efficient altitude is actually around FL320. So I’d go even lower.

I’ve been flying the A330 a lot, and FL360 is perfectly fine for that weight…

I said “most fuel efficient altitude”
IF is known to favor slightly lower altitudes


ah ok but isnt a little low with respect to cruising altitudes?

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