Why is my IF replay not loading in?

So I was going back into replay to get some clips for a video Im going to make, the only issue is I can’t load in the replay. I have been waiting for 30 minutes and its just stuck at 81% loaded. Any suggestion on what’s wrong?

Hey Josh! Sounds like your replay is corrupted. Corrupted replays can’t unfortunately can not be salvaged.

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Personally, when I have this issue, I restart my app and it tends to go away, have you tried that yet?

Yes I was connected to my network.

I restarted my iPad. Should I just delete infinite Flight?

I probably wouldn’t resort to deleting unless it is continually happening, like Luca said, it is possible that the reply file has just corrupted.

Well no because you’ll lose your replay lol


No, if you delete Infinite Flight it will delete your replays.

Reboot your device, not just infinite flight.
Try again but make sure you have a strong internet connection.

If it happens after that it is probably a corrupted replay file.

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How does a replay become corrupted?

You leaving the app during flight can cause it. We have seen other cases cause it where your device somehow interferes with the writing process.

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You can share your replay and see if others can open it. That way we can tell if it is a device issue.

I didn’t leave the app. Interfering with the writing causes. IDK what that means.

ok, I will do that.

It means that while the replay was being “written” (copied down), something happened that interfered with the process.

You can share your replay via sharemyinfiniteflight.com and I’ll see if I can open it.

But I did another flight and the replay was just fine.

looks like only that specific replay broke

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Thats probably it. Thanks for the help guys!

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o- ok… looks like that was the solution…

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