Why is my aircraft pitching up while cruising? From EGLL-YPPH

Why is my aircraft pitching up while cruising

Please help

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Try adjusting your trim and setting flaps to 1% or 5%. The 787 has automatic systems to correct this IRL, but IF does not, so the use of flaps can help counteract it :)


This is perfectly normal. Just adjust flaps depending on your attitude. /trim

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You shouldn’t add flaps in cruise and trim isn’t gonna do anything because the aircraft itself will still be pitched up. This is just because that’s the angle of attack needed to provide enough lift to maintain altitude at your current weight, speed and altitude. The lighter, faster, or lower you go, the pitch attitude will generally be lower towards the horizon and vice versa


As @Josh_Suarez stated, speeding up will also work, but I try to avoid this to simulate realism (I find that to level my aircraft, I must speed to up to a point that’s close to or over the overspeed limit).

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Exactly, it’s not necessary and sometimes you’ll find it actually takes more fuel to fly level than it is to fly at that pitched-up attitude because of the total drag curve. So that attitude is perfectly normal especially for large jets


Thanksto @Josh_Suarez and @Josh_Suarez for the help 😊 . @David_A to cuta story short it is perfectly normal for the is to happen

😊😊Thanks a lot for the help and replies guys. I really did not expect someone to reply this fast. 😂😊

Helps a lot and I will have another good read.



Do remember that in cruise, the 787 actually does pitch up a bit. The real world counterpart has systems to counteract the pitch, but we don’t have those in IF. Just be sure to keep the pink line on your trim gone, and you should be fine. Have a safe flight!


Trim doesn’t have any affect while the AP is holding altitude.


Since the 787 is a heavy, all heavy planes, even in real life, fly with a nose pitched upward. There is really nothing you can do to counter act it, but it is normal, and remember, just because the nose is pointed upward, that doesn’t mean the plane is going upward. The plane moves forward more than up!

It does though, doesnt it? Lol

The trim is used to alter the aircrafts control and change the default position. Mainly used during manual handling, vertical trim is used to maintain a certain angle of attack and thus improve aerodynamic efficiency as the tail effectively rotates a few degrees

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It has absolutely no affect while you’re using AP. I really wish it did though. You can go to + or - 100 and you won’t see any difference once it settles down. I recommend trying that yourself if you have doubts.

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This also doesn’t have any affect on your cruise aoa. The weight doesn’t seem to modeled at different moments for the fore and aft cargo holds. So adding weight to either has the exact same result for the aircraft-> higher pitch attitude.

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Well, hey, it’s still good to have that pink line gone 😉


Which aircraft in particular? I’m almost certain it’s not the case for the 787 or 777 but I’ll have to give it a shot with others.

This is a normal realistic feature. To keep realism just adjust the trim of your aircraft.
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There’s a little pink line. On the trim. Adjust your trim till that line is gone. That’s how you know you have the right trim settings:)

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There’s a strong debate that trim doesn’t do anything to affect angle of attack when the autopilot is engaged.