Why is my A330 going up on landing?

I tried to land in an A330 at TNCM using short final (I was on solo) but I don’t know why but the plane went UP instead of DOWN


Are you referring to altitude wise or pitch wise ?

Make sure your pitch,flaps , speed and calibration is all correct. I know that the A330 has poor handling and overall shoody physics, it is the only aircraft i have ever crashed in even thou my landing was a textbook landing and everything was perfect until touchdown …


Calibration? Could you provide device details? Maybe screen shots?


Pitch and altitude is both what is going up when I am landing

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this may help

Temperature is -90 degrees ! You may wanna turn that up to normal real world earth weather conditions , that may be your problem ;)


Especially at TNCM :)

What’s your speed, weight, etc? Please give more info, don’t troll.


Just a quick question because I’m not much of an expert, why would temperature make any difference?

It is a problem with the a330 autopilot.

You’re probably coming in too fast on landing, if you have flap all the way down at around 250 knots the plane starts to glide up. If you’re not already, try keeping the plane at a speed of around 150 knots on final.

The lower the tempature, the more power engines produce, and vice versa. This is why planes take a long time to take off at airports such as KLAX.


Thanks a lot!!! I do appreciate it


@Cessna_Driver hits the nail on the head , it is all about how dense the air is …


What’s your speed upon landing. Flap setting?

And FLEX is designed on this basis,which is an interesting subject…but maybe a whole other thread

Flaps are full for default. On the solo mission things

  • Flaps are down too much at your speed
  • Used Autopilot
  • Too close to stall speed (due to speed, weight balance and/or wind speeds)
  • Poor calibration

This is all I could think of.

A330 with the temperature shown at the top, short final, the Sim sets your Airspeed to 193-195, no time to slow down

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