Why is London so crowded and other large airports not?

I have always wondered why london is so crowded and other large european aren’t in live, It kind of buggs me because i want to start my routes in ams, fco, paris or frankfurt etc, but im often alone at those airports which is booring. What is your opinion?


Because it is one of the busiest airports in Europe and also commonly used for Trans-Atlantic flights.


I think Its because Its a way to small airport for What their come in and out and it cant expand.

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Yeah i know that, but fco, frankfurt and paris aren’t much smaller

It’s mostly a matter of people already flying there before global. And now that transatlantic flights are a thing, they go to London, and not Paris or Germany.


I Long for more users online so that the airports are crowded and realistic

Maybe one day, you never know. I know during FNF/IFATC that airports in the region are busy

I didn’t. I mostly prefer Manchester if I plan to fly to England. Just for the sake of not lagging though :)

probably also because I didn’t or actually never flew transatlantic.

in Europe now I tend to fly to LOWI, because it is very challenging.

If you are talking about why London is so crowded in Infinite Flight, it is because it is one of the most popular airports in Europe. People in Infinite Flight know it more than an airport like EHAM and will most likely fly there. I also get bothered at KSJC is underserved because of the nearby and popular KSFO, and unless you have a great big event that involves KSJC like FNF at KSJC, KSJC will remain underserved and everyone will fly to KSFO.

If you are talking about why London is so crowded in real life, you would need to be TL2 or higher to post in #real-world-aviation. Keep liking and contributing to the community and in no time, you would become TL2.


I believe they did clarify in their post that they were talking about live.

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Well, if they were talking about #live, then the answer is in the first paragraph of my previous post.

Yes like @BigBert10 mentioned, many users playing IF especially on TS aren’t on the forum. They are mostly new to aviation, and when they spawn in they want to spawn at a known airport.

LAX, Heathrow and JFK come to mind. And that is where you will find most of the traffic.

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Building off of what @DylanIE said, they see an airport with controllers and other people to fly through, and pop in. It’s the same reason LAX is so crowded, and the fact that people congregate where there is ATC on both TS and Expert.

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It’s a really good airport for the fact that you can fly from like Frankfurt, stop or changeover in Heathrow, catch a bit of traffic and carry on over to the US. It’s placed in the right place. When flying from let’s say LAX to DXB, people may want to stop over in London to break up their flight and re-fuel.

Maybe they would be more crowded if IF was Free 😱
Actually, they probably wouldn’t. My logic says that people will flock to the most popular airports (More commonly known as KLAX, EGLL, KJFK, OMDB, and RJTT). That means ATC and Pilots all want to go there instead of other airports. So if Infinte Flight was free (I’m not saying anyone said it should be), it would make the already crowded airports more crowded. It’s not that people don’t like the underserved airports, it’s just that everyone else is at the bigger airports. If enough people decided to go to another airport (KPHX for example) everyone would automatically flock there because there’s more people.

It’s 100% the pilots that make the bigger airports busy. Everyone says that there busy because that’s where controllers open, but even on Expert if I open up MMPR and it’s the only active frequency pilots still spawn in and land at MMMX.

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