Why is London so bumpy?

I was flying my 744 from EGBB to EGLL now and in approach to RWY 27R, I saw how bumpy is the ground near heathrow intl. By the way London’s scenes are so beautiful


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What do you mean by “bumpy”?

Look under the plane. It so bumpy

The hills? No terrain is always flat.

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Have you ever been to London? It’s got plenty of hills just like most of the U.K. I think it is hard to capture accurately with the limited terrain, but it works I think.

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Google Maps doesn´t show terrain elevation.

They do! Can’t you see the little grey areas?


Some of the hills are unrealistic but most are there in real life.

It does, it’s one of the map overlays

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Maybe its because of buildings… 😬

Here in the uk we were the “farmers land” and all the hills are 100s of years old dirt piled up and built on or natural.

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