Why is London brown?

I’ve flown over London many times and it’s definitely more grey and green than brown as in IF.

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California is pink


I’m not from London but I Guess that due to cloudy weather IRL, the colours of the roofs might not seem that brown

London is more Brown imo

There’s many factors that could contribute to how we see it. You’re also only at 7,000 feet and the scenery we have is meany more for the flight levels

Probably so much cloud, of course, being the UK, distorting the colour rendering of the satellite imagery.
You notice much better and more detailed colour rendering in places with generally clear weather eg SAN Francisco

Excuse me? San Francisco is generally one of the foggiest places in California.

My guess is the position of the sun when the photos were taken, E.G late afternoon, which would give everything a Orange-ish tint, which may have something to do with it.

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I’ve never been but it generally looks sunny in movies and photos and so on, and from the many YouTube videos I watch of aviation there.

I suspect this is because 90% of the houses in England are brown.


The roofing is anyway

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Here is why London is brown satellite imagery is correct

Those would be tops of buildings

I can confirm that 70% of all the houses in stabdon are the exact same from design to colour, it’s not an error :)

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See these images for a better understanding.

As you can see all these houses in close proximity with such a high density means zoomed out most of what you see is brown.


When you zoom in you can see that the little bite of green are nothing in comparison to the brown roofing on rows upon rows of houses.


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