Why is LiveFlight so absolutely terrible, all of the time?

Good afternoon from the United Kingdom, hope you’re all keeping well.

So, LiveFlight. This app never works. Maybe 1/10 times it might actually fire up properly. Over time it has got progressively worse to the point where it’s now been pretty much rendered useless.

It doesn’t matter if it’s on the iPhone, iPad both with big surplus storage space and a strong internet connection but it takes anything up to 20 minutes to actually get past the “connecting” spinning wheel of doom, then an eternity longer to display any information. If you’re lucky enough to get to that stage it’s so laggy you end up quitting anyway because it’s so unstable.

Restarting/ reinstalling/ clearing doesn’t do anything at all.

Sadly it’s come to the point where there is no reason for this to be on app store as a payable service.

I have indeed bought the premium sub every now and again but have learned a valuable lesson from that, which is not to do so. I honestly think this should be wiped as a premium payable app until it’s sorted.

Sorry, this isn’t intended to be a rant but a real issue to be looked at, especially when an exchange of money can be involved for a service that doesn’t deliver.



I know what you mean, I feel your pain. But with me at least it works properly like 4/10 times lol


LifeFlight is a third party product that gets no development anymore afaik and is only rudimentary maintained for a while already.
It does work most of the time for my purpose on PC and as iOS app, I learned to live with its specialty.
There is a more recent product from a different developer that basically does the same, you might want to look up and test this.


It works pretty much all the time for me. its weird why it works for some and not others

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I’m sorry but your title has me dying right now with laughter, I understand your frustrations, same here. It doesn’t work when you need it the most.

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Mapflight is the next generation of this style app and website. The Liveflight and Liveflight connect are no longer supported

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@Cameron right now :

LiveFlight is a complex application that was released quite a while ago. There have been some updates here and there but these kind of long-running projects can become harder to maintain overtime. Actually, I think he mentioned on a stream that he wants to improve the app. Although, he doesn’t have much free time as before. He’s not a high-schooler anymore but an Infinite Flight dev since 2017 :)

For now there are a few alternatives available (e.g MapFlight)


Hey @helmethead, thanks for sharing your thoughts. Firstly, apologies for the subpar experience - I do agree that it isn’t great and it is something I have been working on fixing.

LiveFlight is built on some older tech - dates back to 2014 - and between maintenance and third party changes (namely Google Maps) it’s become quite expensive and time consuming for me to keep running. I’ve started working on a full rework from scratch to improve this with the help of Kai, but time hasn’t been on my side and progress is slower than I hoped.

I’ll look into the connection issues again this weekend since I made some improvements a few months ago that should have solved this. The subscription is optional - I have removed it from the website (as well as removing the ads), so that is an alternative in the meantime.

Feel free to reach out via the email in the app or by DMing me if you do have any issues at a particular time and I can take a look.

Hopefully I’ll be able to ship the new version soon, but as others have mentioned, community members have created some cool apps in this space. MapFlight is a cool alternative :)


Thanks @Cameron. Life comes first of course and we don’t get time to progress everything on the list!

The original post, just in case it may have come across as such, was of course not intended to be a ranting scathing thing (not my style) but more of a long term observation. I know older tech can be a pig to get up to date without destroying and rebuilding foundations and guess that’s what’s happened with this. I’ll certainly check out the alternatives.

Thanks and keep healthy and safe. All the best 😎


Just wanted to let Cameron know that I’ll continue to use LiveFlight when it’s updated, as I do really like the app :)

But of course, take your time 👌 Life comes first, and you’re not even obligated to make this for us anyway so we really appreciate it 👍


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