Why is LFPG always empty?


U can say the same thing as this why is KJFK crowded and not CYYZ or KBOS

Also another reason why EGLL is always crowded is bec it’s the first major airport across the Atlantic


One day I flew between SPJC and KMEM with FedEx :)
And yeah I know, but one player an hour is so little compares to the real life…
I’m grade 3 so I took part few events but nothing exceptional

If only LFPG in IF was standing the same number of flights than the real life…


Cool! Now take a stop by SJC :D

I wish I could say the same to SJC, but we have to wait for more aviation lovers to join before we mimic everything exactly like real life.


I sometimes notice a few users spawning at LFPG everytime I fly there. I guess it just depends on what time of day it is


I am a member of @AF-KLM_VA , I always fly in or out LFPG (and LFPO) ;)

I also live in Paris ;) So it’s my favorite airport






Even better… LFPG is featured all week long ;)


Yay! Air France and BA


Same thing with LPPT and LPPR. Also LXGB. They are such beautiful airports. I also fly to LFPG a lot and so many people keep flying to london like please diversify the flights out of LFPG lol


This topic is why I chose it. 🙂


Cant say it is always empty now 🙂.


Watch there be 57 more threads just like this one because you said this.


Knew it lol. First thing that came to me once I opened the ATC schedule is this topic.


This is something I’ve asked myself for a long time. There’s an unhealthy obsession with LAX, EGLL, SFO especially on the training Server


Let them close it for few weeks, call it refurb :) that would be nice…Don’t take me wrong I love all this airports but I like change of scenery too ;)


Same. I was thinking, “Gee, what a coincidence that LFPG is the featured airport as this thread is starting to gain popularity!”.


You asked you received enjoy 👍🏻