Why is LFPG always empty?

Hey I’m french, I would fly around LFPG but this airport is always empty.
In real life, LFPG is the second European airport. But in Infinite Flight, this airport get one player each hour. You can’t compare it to EGLL.
Please ATC control LFPG frequencies regularly and I’m sure the problem will disappear

I don’t know why every body fly to London and not to Paris!

LFPG is a nice airport! And LFPB and LFPO which are standing next to LFPG are also great airports



If you’d like to see LFPG busy at one time join my event there in May!


here @joseph007 i gotchu


People in Infinite Flight choose where to fly, most of the time they choose destinations that for me and others could be cliché, but there’s nothing we can do about it.

Paris may be a famous city and its airports some of the busiest in Europe, but in IF you can’t expect them to have the same traffic as Roissy and Orly have in real life.


@IFCaptainNore which server are you on currently?

In my opinion, just continue using the Expert servers. Here you can find on which day in particular the Air Traffic Controllers are Online and accurately Controlling LFPG in France. That “Particular” Day means not every day. Maybe once or twice a week, you can observe the IFATC Schedule to find the relevant information on which airport will be busy. Like this week we have Chicago O’ Hare (KORD) as a featured and the busiest chosen airport of this week.

My Advise once again:

  • Stop using Training and Casual servers if you do not see any activity in your airport.
  • Follow the IFATC Schedule made by Tyler the see all the featured busy airports in a particular week.
  • If you see LFPG as the chosen Airport during one of the schedules, use your chance and enjoy your time, it unfortunately works this way currently.
  • Join in and take parts in Events! There are many events featured in LFPG recently. Join in the one that @Delta319 mentioned above.

I hope this helps! 👍

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Okay! Sure I will but I need to be sure what day it is.

click the link mate tells ya everything you just asked ;)

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My reason for not flying to LFPG was because their isn’t enough waypoints to do a realistic STAR SID and ILS Approach. EGLL is the complete opposite.

You complain about LFPG being empty? Receiving 1 player an hour?
That’s already amazing!

Look at us over at KSJC! We are growing at a rapid rate yet still getting shadowed by that KSFO >:(
We are happy that even 1 player shows up at KSJC for that day.

We are always happy when it gets featured on the ATC Schedule.

Fly to SJC! :D

In all seriousness, you can’t expect an airport to always be crowded or have as many people at KLAX. LFPG is very popular irl, but it does not always have to reflect in IF. You can’t just magically make people spawn at LFPG and 1 player an hour is already an accomplishment compared to big places like MMUN, SBGL, and KMSP that barely get any attention whatsoever.


here Sorry man. It’s a problem for most. Your home airport is never busy despite being a large airspace in real life. There just aren’t enough pilots in game to support it. Check out events regarding LFPG and if you are expert level check out the weekly atc schedule found , Charles DeGaulle is usually brought up every few weeks.

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Oops. Please click the “here” to access the expert server ATC schedule.

When I will be Trust Level 2, I will post a very good topic you’ll see.

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I am mixed-race of Chinese and French. Interesting, ha? Next time I will consider flying to LFPG for more times, since France is my home country, too. Also, airports in China are also great. For example, ZSPD has 5 runways available. Plz come to China as well.

Nous les français on en a marre 😂😂😂😭 On veut du traffic à Roissy !! Il n’y a jamais personne en Expert alors qu’à Klax ou à Egll il y a toujours des dizaines de personnes 😩

Sane problem in Barcelona LEBL

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Je ne recommanderai pas de parler en français dans ce fil. C’est aux autres utilisateurs de comprendre ce que vous essayez de dire. Merci!

I won’t recommend speaking in French in this thread. It’s for the other users to understand on what are you trying to say. Thanks!

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You can post here:

Same could be said for Atlanta, GA, USA.
Ridiculously busy and congested airport, yet (aside from events) there’s maybe 3 aircraft on the ground when I fly in and out of there.

But people choose where they want to fly to/from. You can’t assume people are going to use an airport in IF just because it’s used heavily IRL.

the story of my life…

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I guess I’m one of those one flight an hour, I love LFPG and I love France in real life!