Why is landing on runway18l prohibited at Amsterdam airport?

I was landing at Amsterdam in infinite flight and I saw that the the taxi way was closed at the other end of the runway. So I looked it up but I got no answer why they didn’t use it for landings.

I think he means the taxiway was closed (yellow X on it)

Oh, I see! Overread that part

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From the looks of things the taxiways were there but were closed.

Maybe because the taxiway goes through the GA area and needs to recross the runway to get to the terminals causing inconvenience


Are we just gonna ignore the fact that there is a 747 on the runway while another 747 is on short short short short final? 😂😂


Good catch! Go around!


It is the same plane captured twice I think 🤣😂


I like the idea of impending doom much better


There could be a possible approach area that is risky or there may have been prior incidents involving that runway and such

Plus some airports have specific runways for take off and specific runways for landing so they never get mixed up

I believe they closed off the taxiway due to noise restrictions. If you look there are houses below it.


Houses below the…taxiway?

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Not what I meant… @AnikaitD

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I think it’s a TS controller they contracted out from KNUC


I don’t know that this answers the ‘why’ by itself, but noise abatement springs to mind when you see what’s just north of the runway.

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just looks a normal day on TS1 back in good old SoCal. Nothing to see here folks,move along


That’s what I was originally trying to state. At airports that can become extremely busy. They may permanently arrange certain runways for landing and takeoff as required. It also makes it easier at times on the pilots and allows everyone to become more aware and used to the approach and surroundings when things don’t constantly rotate

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