Why is KAUS so lonely?


I noticed that there is NEVER anyone in austin, even though it’s a pretty big airport with many international routes.(I’m about to fly to London from there btw) have any of you done flights from austin in IF?


747 KAUS to EGLL

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Yep I’ve done it a couple times before. I flew on Norwegian air shuttle from austin to gatwick IRL. It was nice:)


If you want KAUS filled, you should create and event or group flight there

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True, but I’ve never done it before and I don’t know how. Also do you maybe want to fly to London with me from austin like rn? (We can take this to a pm)


Ive flown from KAUS to EGLL IRL

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I’ve done KAUS-KMSP in a Frontier A320 before

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On what plane? the BA 747?


I’ve flown between JFK and Newark and Austin before in Infinite flight.

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Yup, the queen of the skies

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I know someone flying the route this summer… on the 747. I wonder if it will be the retro livery…hmm

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Probably not. I’ve never seen it in austin.


I saw on FR24 that it flew there


Really?! When?


I think it was 2-3 weeks ago? dont remember…but is said KAUS to EGLL on the route…


Oh, that’s cool!


The biggest plane we get commercially at our airport is a 737… :(


I found it!

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Sadly due to size restrictions I can’t fly the Queen of the skies from KAUS to EGLL


What is your home airport?