Why is Kai Tak a Class Echo Airport?

They should remove it, now please (:

Flughafen Tempelhof usually used A319/A320. larger than that, it’s unrealistic. but the case of Kai Tak, Heavies are flown since it was still operational before.

Keeping it as a Class Echo is a good middle ground for IF. For people that want it for prosperity it is still there and you can fly there on Casual/Solo, but for those who looks for realism it is effectively closed and non existent as you can’t technically land there on Expert.

Airport editors and FDS can’t win, there will be complaints if they keep it as a Charlie or remove it, this is the best solution to keep as many people happy as possible.

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It is Echo because it has no ATC. What I’m unsure about is why you say you can’t fly into it now.

Because it has ATC frequencies.

Usually the class of the airport would give violations if you use a large aircraft however I haven’t checked it personally


I didn’t get a violation when I spawned.

Though I agree with your post to an extent, I think if it’s to remain in Echo, they should at least remove the restrictions on aircraft size in order to enable classic-themed events from the airport.

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That makes sense

Host them on casual then where there is no restriction 🙂

but not all people want restriction in Expert Server. We want to recreate some flights in Kai Tak and avoid Trolls. so it is better without restriction


Buuut it’s not realistic, so, no Class Charlie for you! (:

it is realistic since singapore airlines uses B747 and DC-10 in Kai Tak before. so it’s still realistic. Imagine the other airlines uses Kai Tak.

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Are they there now???

History are History. They shouldn’t be forgotten. Don’t forget IFC had Kai Tak Event before.


And we also had a Space Shuttle. Is it around still? No, times change and so does the sim

As I said in my first post, this is purely a middle ground. Some people want it as a Charlie again, others want It removed. This is keeping as many people as possible happy

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Just remove it already, they removed some other airport in the last update. Maybe Kai Tak will be next🤞🏻

Space Shuttle and Aircraft are very different. Space Shuttle doesn’t belong to Flight Simulator. it’s a different category.

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That won’t happen. Sorry