Why is Kai Tak a Class Echo Airport?

Why is Kai Tak a class echo airport? I want to fly to/from Kai Tak in Expert, but now I can’t. It makes no sense because it was a major airport before closing.


Probably because its no longer in operation.


Well, people should still be able to do historical routes. There is no point in putting it as an echo airport. It should either be in the game as a bravo or Charlie, or not in the game. Does anyone 8n the Airport Editting Team have an idea?


I dont know why it is now class echo because that’s even more unrealistic then leaving it at charlie. If it could handle 747 and DC-10s then it should be a class charlie. They probaly should have taken it out to be completely honest. You probaly could PM one of the airport editing admins and ask


Now I regret not flying to Kai Tak sometime lol

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There were discussions about this when people started noticing a few days ago. I don’t think anyone knows for sure what the future holds for Kai Tek in IF.

That said, you can still fly there. The aircraft restriction violation is currently not active.

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It’s a class Echo airport because the airport is no longer in use in real life.


That’s what were saying is why would it get put down to echo instead of just removing it

Bc people like to still fly into it

Wait Kai tak closed?

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Under NO circumstances should Kai Tak be removed. It has long been closed, so there would have been no reason to put it in IF in the first place except for posterity.

I fly into a lot, but most of my ops are on the casual server. I usually only fly around controlled airports on expert.

The old Kai Tak airport closed-that’s the one with the checkboard approach. They have a new modern one opened for quite sometime

@Moritz can you help out here?

Sorry to be that one guy, but this should probably be moved to #general.


Kai Tak Airport has been closed and replaced by the new Hong Kong International Airport at Chek Lap Kok: (VHHH). There are many reason while it’s been closed. 1.) While Kai Tak was initially located far away from residential areas, the expansion of both residential areas and the airport resulted in Kai Tak being close to residential areas. This caused serious noise pollution for nearby residents and put height restrictions, which were removed after Kai Tak closed. 2.) Overcrowded. The airport was designed to handle 24 million passengers per year, but in 1996, Kai Tak handled 29.5 million passengers, plus 1.56 million tonnes of freight. so the government search for a relocation which is located at VHHH.


not to mention it’s location situated next to lion rock meant approaches on RWY 13 were rather interesting and challenging. An example is the fact the ILS was offset from the runway and was meant to guide pilots to visual distance of the runway, not down onto the ground as usual. It also suffered from quite large crosswinds due to its location

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Berlin Templekhof is not in operation, but it is not a class Echo.

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it’s actually Flughafen Tempelhof

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Oh yeah, sorry.

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I think the point is that you only fly there on casual seeing as the expert server is there for realism hence you won’t be able to fly there in large aircraft. The only other option would be to remove it entirely which thankfully they haven’t done.

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