Why is it so windy?

ipad pro:
infinite flight:

I’m approaching LHR from DEN and it’s gusty, 94knts as of now. And on windy it’s only in the 30s-40s where I am. Can you tell me why it’s so windy? I’m Decending to FL22 but it’s still the same wind.

Which altitude are you at? FL22 means 2200ft which would mean you’re landing any moment.


This issue has happened before but the wind has been calm this whole 8 hrs of flying

Sorry FL220

Calming down 88kts rn

According to Windy.tv - that’s quite accurate.
Current conditions over London is 104kts at FL240 and around 82kts at FL180.


Oh wow! I’m descending to 16000 ft. Thank you so much!! I’ll be landing any time soon!

A few minutes ago I was flying over Mexico City with over 90 kts of wind, then after a few seconds it went right back down to around 20

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