Why is it red?

My question is on the topic of the red numbers on runways, on the map. I’m a big fan of Aviation but this has just crossed my mind. Why are these numbers red? Is it to show you where you can’t take off or land at? Or is it something little.

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It means the runways do not favor the winds. This does not mean they are closed!! Hope this helps.


In addition to what Joseph said, unless the winds are 10knots and above I would just use the best runway ie for your fpl, other traffic, real world conditions etc.


Thank for your feedback.

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I always land where the number is basically green. When I first started, any runway was mine.

Don’t pick a runway though just because it’s green, as I said 10 knots and over then use the green runway for your sake asking as the traffic is using the same flow for takeoff and landing. If you have any more questions regarding this, or anything else at all do let us know.

I understand everything about this. But I was just trying to clear it up more for myself.


Additional always monitor the actual wind speed during your final approach and also when you lined up on a runway for take off. I show you here an example, it happened in Phuket,RWY 27 was in use, the wind data ATC used were different from the ones i got indicated in the cockpit.
As you can see during final approach i had winds 093/17, close to ground still 090/14.
As i could not accept this i had to go around…( i landed however after as i wanted to see if the wind will change to the one that ATC got indicated. But after touchdown still 090/14.In real live of course you would never do this but here it was to find out how big the difference was between ATC and indicated in the cockpit )
Same for take off: I got clearance to line up and then take off, during take off roll the wind was indicated as 087/11 , but ATC got 070/3.

So yes, follow the traffic when an airport is controlled by ATC or you will be ghosted, never land against the traffic, follow ATC instructions, but as a pilot you have control over your aircraft and when the winds are actual exceeding your tailwind component then go around and wait or divert , same for take off, just because everybody is accepting the tailwind it does not mean it is safe and should be done also, just abort takeoff , vacate the runway, wait that ATC hands you over to contact ground and then request taxi to the gate and wait there until the winds change or the runway will be changed.

What about yellow?

Pretty sure it means crosswind, so use caution when landing or taking off.


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