Why is it not changing

So 11 days ago I got a level 3 violation that’s not the problem. The problem is that it took me back to grade 2 and it isn’t putting me back to grade 3 although the 7day thing has finished and I have all the requirements done to be grade 3

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You can spawn into Training Server and then leave / restart your app, should be cleared then!


I did that didn’t work but still thx for trying 🙂

This is quite normal when grinding, since they are based on your past 90 days of activity on the minute.
As stats refresh, landings that were made more than 90 days are removed from that parameter.

Also make sure

  • All gear must touch.
  • You need to spend a few seconds on the runway.
  • You need to be going slow enough. Theres no set speed that I am aware of but if you are going 150kts and touch down and right back up again chances are it will not count.
  • Multiple touches on the same approach do not count. Don’t try to hop down the runway to pick up landing counts.

The OP is not talking about landing count, his L3 violation that he received 11 days ago hasn’t cleared yet.


my bad I misread it 😞

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try deleting and re-downloading the app that’s always your best bet

Only recommend a reinstall if absolutely nothing else works, there has to be a better solution to this problem.

@MC_king I’ll search the IFC, I would have thought the solution Kamryn gave would work.

You have 1… 7 day violation when you MUST have 0

Yes but he received that violation 11 days ago, it should go back to 0 after 7.

Looks to be Grade 3 in our systems. I can however see that you haven’t launched any flights since August 22nd. So if you’re still Grade 2 on your end, launch a flight as previously suggested and you should be fine.

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Actually I’m pretty sure the speed at which you touch down doesn’t matter because I once tried doing “stunts” on the casual server and even if I landed at 220kts, it would still count.

That 7 day violation was 11 days ago

I will do that thx alot 🙂

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