Why is it called 'Infinite Flight'? [What name would you give to the simulator?] What price would you put?

Is there any way to reach the space with the F18?

I’m not sure, but you could try it the way the video describes.🤷‍♂️

Agree with you on the subscription pricing, but not on app pricing. Unfair to have an upfront cost for something you essentially have to subscribe for to get any use out of it.

Many more people would purchase live at £38 a month. Quite a few users seem to be children (probably due to accessibility of the game as it’s on mobile), so they would be more likely to spent their pocket money on it. For the current price per year I could one off buy a desktop simulator, get free multiplayer and voila.

I know I certainly would leap on global for around £38, and I’m pretty tight with my money.

But that’s not as easy as playing IF I guess, and to be honest, it’s just fun to be able to pick up IF and play. You don’t have to fiddle with programs, calibrate joysticks and pedals, etc. 🙂

Before global existed, you could fly different aircraft in regions across the globe for as long as you wanted (not to mention also being able to reverse thrust as much as you wanted).

So, I would assume that’s how the name ‘Infinite Flight’ came to be before fuel was added…


Fuel was never an issue before Global unless if you just circled the region for almost 10 hours haha

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Fuel wasn’t in the game before global 😉

Fuel burn was added with global!

Here’s a link:

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Im with you!

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Oh lol my bad then.

I think a user can’t define a price since the price relates to operating cost taxes and enough money to turn a profit. The price isn’t defined by what a user thinks the product is worth it is made so the company makes money.

Great theory…

Well this isn’t a theory companys have too make money so they set a minimum price that can make them money and then adjust their price from that minimum profit margin, it can get higher or lower depending on market value and sales.

Before global, there wasn’t fuel burn so…

You could fly for an infinite amount of time :)

Yes, thats marketing!
I think too!!
They ussually starts by a simple price or what is call minimum price, adptable to everyone and it thens increase!

yes, but then comes the update with the unlimited fuel!

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And maybe that’s also an idea of why they added global.

It used to be called Infinite Runway way back before it was available and I think changing it to Infinite Flight sounds better.

The name was ironic for a while when I joined and whencit first came out, you’d only be able to fly in regions and they were fairly small. So it wasn’t infinite, but now it is

Well, finally I get my answer!
I think it’s call by Infinite Flight, because flying is the most infinite capacity of the human being, apart from the global application that in its early stages of development and use, was capable of carrying out infinite flights!
Infinite Flights over a Global Surface

I would call it “Infinite Night” because the night feel so long… 😂😒 Pricing would probably be $3 ($2.99), and same subscription policy.

Most likely because you can fly the infinite skys

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