Why is it always cloudy at low level? (live)

The weather seems to be fixed for visibility to drop below 8000ft. This cant be realistic. I’ve never landed or taken off with clear weather.

Weather is streamed live into the game. Odds are that it is just bad visibility at the airport of which you were at.

That being said, there are a few reasons this could be happening:

  • Is your little weather dot in your System Check green or red?
  • Is this at the same airport every time? It could be the weather station for that location that is acting up.
  • Do you have a strong connection?

Helpful Information:

  • Which airport(s)?
  • Do you have a strong internet connection?

Try putting the visibility selection in your HUD. What does it say?

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The new low level fog only goes up to 4000 feet. Maybe that’s the reason why you’re only experiencing this at these altitudes.


Seems to happen at every airport, even in hot countries where the weather is obviously a lot better. Connection is fine and always green.

As it is IRL so it is in the simulator. I just landed at KORD with very low visibility. If you are landing or taking off with a red dot then it is likely cloudy or foggy.

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Can you provide a picture of what you’re seeing?

I don’t think they have clouds in IF. I’m pretty sure it’s what everyone else has been saying, fog.

Its just a fog layer that always appears below a certain altitude, maybe 8000ft.

It would be cool if there’s turbulence when going through the clouds to make it realistic.

The fog layer depends on the temperature. It could go up to FL200 and beyond if it wanted to.

Its never not like this on a decent below about 5000.

I once departed Hong Kong with fog all the way up to 12000ft.

Looks normal to me. Just a little fog/pollution as it would be in real life.


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