Why is Infinite Flight the best mobile flight simulator

We are a really big community, different thoughts and different likes, so I was thinking why people think Infinite Flight is the best flight simulator, tell me me your thoughts and reasons!

For me, this is the best mobile flight simulator ever!

In your opinion, Infinite Flight is the best mobile flight simulator?

  • Yes
  • No

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Who said no…


100% yes!!!


I miss read it as the best flight sim, and was about to write an entire essay on how the community was great, but other sims have better graphics. Changed my vote, as it is undeniably the best mobile flight sim ever.


Mobile? Yes.
All platforms? No.


It’s the best mobile sim. I think we can all agree that computer sims like xPlane and FS2020 are/will be a little bit better. But in the multiplayer experience, IF is the best!


First of all there’s the community…

We, as IFC family, are huge!


The globe is literally in your hands…

Last but not least,

The multiplayer, every single day 24/7, there are hundreds, thousands of players flying or controlling around the world…

That’s why, Infinite Flight is the best mobile flying simulator for me… :)


No one point this up but IF pro prices didn’t change in 3 years while the game never stopped improving.

It is quite nice honestly


In the mobile platform, it’s the best. No other sim has the variety of aircraft, liveries and scenery like IF does.

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Yes hundred percent definitely absolutely yes :)


It’s says 97% in mines


I mean in my own opinion, it is the Best flight sim I have ever discovered.


Same and always will be


honesly the live cockpits, global, the proffestional atc and the improvment the team is doing. And lets not forget the community and virtual airlines


In the poll, is it THE best flight simulator anywhere, or just for mobile?


You can’t compare a computer game vs a mobile game obviously the computer game is going to win. It’s like a child vs an adult in a fight. Yes IF is the best because of its community


It is by far the best mobile simulator! No question about it


I agree, when I play X-Plane or RFS I don’t feel comfortable


I believe that at this point IF is the best. There are pros and cons, but pros definitely outweighing the cons.

Community: Everyone’s so helpful and non-judgmental.

Realism: I love how there are rules about real world procedures, and that you can learn them with ease.

Global: Need I say more?

ATC: Being a pilot, it’s easy to use and understand. For being ATC, it’s also easy, but also challenging at the same time and I like that.

Aircraft: There’s a good amount and variety, and they look amazing. Although some aren’t as detailed as others, I like how they look like the real plane. In RFS, I don’t like how the cockpit panels look different than the real one. Also the A320 is wack.

Airports: While the airports don’t have buildings, or lighting, or any other fancy stuff, I like how all airports, from Los Angeles to my hometown airport, have equal quality. What I’m saying is that one airport doesn’t appeal to me greater than another like in RFS. They only have certain HD airports and there’s only a select few that are HD. All the others are just not good. (Even then, the HD airports don’t look that great.)

Scenery: It’s amazing when you are 29,000 ft.+ up in the air. Also I love how the scenery is what the actual earth looks like and not just the same square of land over and over and over again. (X-plane 10 and RFS.)

(I’m back and I only ate 2 s’mores but then I had to mow. I did not spend the entire 2 hours away munching on s’mores also I made this easier to read.)

Airports: I put this as a pro but it’s also a con. I would love for there to be buildings/taxiway lighting etc.

Price: it’s pretty expensive. $5 on purchase plus $10 dollars a month is the most expensive subscription I have ever seen.

Scenery: I also put this as a pro but it’s also a con because on the ground it looks pretty bad.

That’s honestly all the cons I can think of.

So I’m general, the pros outweigh the cons 7-3. That’s really good.

I also hate how this is by far the longest review in this thread.


basically i think that infinite flight is the best mobile flight simulator because i enjoy it so much with the community, expert server and popular. normally when i try like other mobile flight simulators it feels empty but i enjoy it but not as good as infinite flight