Why is Infinite Flight Pro required for the trijets?

Just wondering why I cant purchase the trijets like a would a 787.

This was answered in the announcement thread.

New Aircraft

The new aircraft will be available to Pro subscribers only for the time being. If you have a valid Pro subscription you will be able to download all the new aircraft free of charge. This is a way for us to thank you for believing in our simulator and continuing to support its development by subscribing.


Because making these airplanes is a lot of work and money. Paying for a live subscription pays for the ability to make these awesome aircraft!

What do you mean, I didnt see an option too.

Wrong, you need a PRO subscription, you cannot buy individually.

Not at the moment. It is only available to pro members.

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Any idea how long it will be?

The developers addressed this in the announcements. They have not publicly discussed when it would be available for non-pro. Anything else is just speculation.