Why is infinite flight free?

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If you aren’t aware, infinite flight is now available for free on the App Store. Why is this?



I know when I first got it I had to pay seven dollars just to get the basic version without pro


This is currently a sale that is going on, on the app store.


I can still remember that I paid 30yuan for downloading infinite flight…

I payed $3.99 i believe.

It’s not uncommon for apps and games to have brief periods where the cost is reduced or removed.

It can encourage new people to try the app, which in turn can lead to user growth. It’s quite literally free promotion. Look at it as a good thing 🙃


I remember buying this back in like 2016, damn than was expensive.


I paid $4.99 in 2017. I noticed now it’s $0.99. Is that the normal price or a sale? I noticed the $0.99 a couple weeks ago.

I paid $4.99 in 2016, back when you had pay for individual aircraft, damn Infinite Flight used to be expensive…


you used to have to pay per aircraft?

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yep, every plane was five bucks except for the ERJ family which were three bucks each

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ooh, that definitely can get expensive.

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I gotta say I bought IF when it was with a discount costing only a dollar (R$4.99) instead of the usual 5 (R$19.99)

It seems like everyone paid different amounts of money for IF? I had to pay HKD$86 (about USD$11) when I bought IF in April.

Yes. I pay $14 CDN monthly. And I’m satisfied for what I have…and I thank these developers for their time and work! ! Since 2017 I’ve paid every year…😁

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so is this related to my subscription not charging me?

haha! , I rember buy in the 78X, A320 and 77W, all 3 must have been about $20 nzd lmao.

It’s also now free on the Google Play Store. Great opportunity to share with my cousins for them try it.

I got it when it was $5, I also bought New York before global, so I can go to NY without a sub now

If I remember correctly, the airports were $4.99 USD each prior to pro subscription