Why is IF taking 17GB on my phone?

What’s the app doing for it to take that much space?

Scenery, airplanes, replays, all that jazz.


Try deleting your replays. They take up a good amount of space.

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Offloading the app only solves the issue temporarily. If the OP wants to use the app again, it redownloads with all the data.

Your best bet would be to use the recommendations above. If push comes to shove, deleting the app will solve it, however your settings configurations, replays, and that sorta stuff will be lost.

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I wasn’t playing much recently so I decided to delete the app, thanks for the tips tho I will use them when I’m back.

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Gotcha. I’m assuming you gained your ≈ 17GB back. Can you confirm?

Yes I did get the 17GB back.

Great. If you have any further questions, my inbox is always open. Enjoy your day/night!

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Thanks, have a good one.