Why is IF referred to a "Computer game" in the Terms of service?

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Read the first line.


“Game” is in inverted commas :P

Nah its just a legal classification as a game (even though its a simulator which might entail more legal stuff blah blah etc). Computer game is probs cos phones are classified as computers I guess.


I utterly hate when people refer to Infinite Flight as a game , it is a simulator ! Get it right people …


It also says that you agree to the thing when you install it on your computer


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I’ve never subscribed to forums because the rules are so strict and annoying but this sim is so great I would love to be apart of this amazing community. That being said forgive me if im posting in the wrong section but an IF app would be so clutch where events can be planned and coordinated also we can post on the forums directly from mobile. Just my 5 cents on that matter but what a great community to be apart of!!


An iPhone is technically considered a computer, so it is something on a computer. A game is defined as a thing that can provide entertainment to a person or persons through certain activities or actions, therefore a simulator is considered a game. Put those two together and it is legally considered a “computer game”.


It is a game… What would make it not a game?

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Everything about it is designed to simulate flying a aircraft including all the ATC procedures , that is just for starters …


That’s why I play it. But it’s still a game.

It’s legalese. Who cares? Call it a sim if it makes you happy. It’s not a professional sim yet so my guess is that it falls under the game category legally.



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While @jasonrosewell is correct it isn’t like X-plane , that is probably due to the limitations that arise when you make simulator app for a mobile device. Definitely a simulator in my world , when a game comes to mind i think of flying through circles to get high score coins and bonus points, IF isn’t like that !


My lawyer friend is triggered because you’re referring to IF as a simulator. There are legal ramifications if IF is referred to as a simulator.


I see the South Africa education system has worked like a charm on you ! It is a simulator , but I guess there must be legal " ramifications " involved by claiming such things …


The issue is that a simulator is something that is supposed to be really close to the real thing. You’re better off erring on the side of caution. FDS is based in the US, you’re better off if you don’t give an excuse for people to sue the company because it’s not a perfect representation.

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anything that involves computing is a computer


I have used this as proof against the alt-simmer anti-gamers several times.

Off topic my friend ;) but I get your drift.

Why is this such a big deal? It was written once and is hidden away, only for legal and safety reasons. Let’s just leave it alone 😐

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Until it’s certified for use as a simulator, it’s a game… you won’t find FSX or X-Plane under the “Simulator” section in a store. They’re found under the game section. The same applies here. IF is found under the game section of Google Play and the App Store.

Smartphones and tablets are computers. There’s toasters now with more capabilities than the first computer had. The new devices fall under the original definition of a computer, so they’re considered computers. If they were called “smart phones” in the TOS, someone with a tablet can be a problem.

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OH, and why does IFC feel the need to bash someone when they have a question? The only stupid question is the one not asked. Why does it matter? - It matters because he wanted to know. All of you that feel the need to make it sound like a pointless question are the reason the new generation seem like a bunch of idiots. The brightest minds of all time got where they were because they thought outside of the box. They didn’t think like other people. Maybe your problem is you’re thinking too much like other people not thinking enough like the OP.


They’re all found in the Games > Simulation section of the App Store. They’re not full scale PC sims so FDS legally has to call it a game. And you’ve got to admit, it is. It’s all animated, but for sure it is very realistic. So that’s why we’re confused as to why it is classified as one. Infinite Flight fits both categories.

And you, my friend need to understand and get used to the IFC before making a big old rant. We do understand you can get angry, but tone it down or take it to PM next time. 🙂