Why is IF Live being so slow?

Has anybody noticed other aircraft, ATC and multiplayer in general is just being so slow all of a sudden? Why is this happening?

I think i have seen this before, probably just lag

Yes it’s very slow now and I don’t know why in having trouble being ATC @matt

My wifi signal is very strong though and still having lots of trouble

Usual troubleshooting is to restart your device completely and see if you still have the issue. Then we can talk :)

I have tried that two times. It’s still very slow and maybe that’s why the server only has 7 percent right now?

Define “slow” do you see aircraft “jump” or do you feel it is the rendering that is just lagging? We really need as much info as you can provide to be able to start investigating. There are a lot of pieces involved in making Infinite Flight Live work.

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It takes a while to start loading all the planes in the region. It also says that to be ATC it says unavailable. The wifi signal always goes from organge he to green.

There has been other posts about this issue not just me so I know there might be a problem

Yes is moving very slow. Wifi signal strong. The little wifi signal is orange planes take for ever to respond. And connection keeps on getting lost. I ended up resetting my device. And after a while I called my internet company (Centurylink) to see if there was anything wrong with my account and they said my account is fine.

To add to this @philippe, as a controller, aircraft were very unstable (jittery - if a pilot made a slight right turn the game would make it seem as if it was a full on turn before making it jump back to where it was supposed to be) and most were seen as “Unknown” .

This is because we were lazy and didn’t do proper interpolation of rotations…yet :) @matt


Guys, just because you have a “strong wifi signal” doesn’t mean that there isn’t anything wrong with:

  • The connection itself
  • One node to our servers
  • Bad ping
  • etc…

Network congestion happens from time to time, usually these things go away by themselves…

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When I logged on, servers were just about touching the 20% mark and it was still happening. Explain how it’s congested please. I apologize if I sounded rude there.

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Now the ATC playground server says 0%

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