Why is Garuda Airlines not allowed in the us

no your wrong…its not a bad airline i suppose. If u think im wrong, why’d u think garuda ranks 8th in skytrax

They have horrible ticketing service. Lots of people complain that they dont get there money back after garuda says the flight is canccled

They just steal your money

but think about it with all the complains Garuda wont be able to make it on top 10 not even top 50!

lol dint know about that XD

Please don’t make generalizations with Arab countries

I just realize that garuda has no route to us. I always flew with Philippine Airlines and Asiana Airlines there are my favorite airline!

They Have but All of US Routes have been shut down since 1998 due to Unprofitable Routes and Economic Crisis

Oh I Know what You meant, Garuda didnt Gave Refund cause on that time, the fire striked SHIA’s T2E and That was The Airport Management Fault (By Indonesia’s Transport Minister) so Garuda didn’t gave them Refund but They make all of the Taxes free on that time 😉 but they always gave them Refund if the Flight was Cancelled (Except SHIA T2’s Case) and I don’t think that They have a Horrible Service cause My Dad used Garuda and He didnt say that Garuda has Bad Service 😊

Actually, Garuda isn’t allowed to fly to US (Due to Indonesia’s safety record is on CAT II). Though, if Garuda isn’t banned in US, They would prefer to Code-Share With Delta or Other SkyTeam members instead

Well, Goodbye to the ban. Garuda will start to fly to LAX (via NRT) by June 2017 with 2x Weekly Frequency.

Even after a year I want to say this, do not always believe what the internet says, anyone can say anything and it will be seen, try flying Garuda Indonesia before criticizing them.

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