Why is Garuda Airlines not allowed in the us

Why is Garuda Airliens not allowed to fly in the US?

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The European Union does ban airlines and did actually ban Garuda Indonesia but lifted the ban after.

But i heard they are a horrible money stealing airline

Why did thay ban it

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idk google it

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No they steal your money. Like people book it and then it says fligth canclled and they dont get their money back they are a horrible airlien

In addition to the things listed above,inadequate maintenance can be a dactor.

Garuda can fly to USA but they don’t.

They have horrible loads on their longhaul routes (Per Anet) to Amsterdam so there’s a reason why.

Maybe when they get 789a or A359s they will launch new routes

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I heard Garuda and Indonesia Airasia are allowed in the EU.

Depends if you book Economy Extra Promo, Economy Promo, Economy Flexible and so on… Like any other airline.

There is a huge article about it in airliner world August 2015!

My guess is that they just dont service flights to there?

Yeah. FAA doesn’t ban Garuda, but They dont allowed Indonesia Carriers fly to US (Including Garuda)

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It was on the past… But now, Garuda has already changed

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Only on EU but not for US

I don’t Think it would work Especially on This Economy Crisis. Maybe You already know that Indonesians love to use another Airliners (not Indonesia Own Company) especially Singapore Airlines (Which use Transit at Singapore) for Travelling to US or EU Altough it’s more Expensive. Garuda is Hardly Ever using Promo for International Routes (Not like Domestic routes that full of Promos)

Extra Promo and Promo are available on the Amsterdam/Gatwick route as well.

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They were banned in Australia by CASA - Civil Aviation Safety Authority - a few years back due to their safety record. A few hull loss incidents, maintenance and operating issues, and problems on ATC! They have been back for a few years now though

I still remember back to 2007, when One of Garuda’s Plane Overrun at Yogyakarta. One of the Victims was a Network Seven Correspondent and They reported it with very panic lol

Wow, Have you used AMS-CGK Route? I Heard it’s the most Expensive routes that Garuda have