Why is fog not showing real live weather when approaching an airport

So when i spawn in at an airport the fog appears. But when im approaching an airport with heavy fog (e.g. kjfk today) it doesnt show the fog?

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As you know, the fog is not the best and thus is a bit…


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Ohh didnt know that. Thnx

This is a known issue, which has occurred over quite some time:


Like @JulianB said, it’s a known issue, and the only thing that might fix it is lowering your graphic settings but other than that there’s really nothing you can do

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currently it’s only available when you get close to or under 10,000ft MSL. Could this be it @Pilot_FMS?

Well when i landed it still didnt show up, so i dont think so lol

Ah okay, will do that next time

Okay thnx ill read it

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Lost count the number of times I’ve landed on IF with clear skies and then bam… can’t see a thing as fog appears after turning on to the taxiway.

Yeah thats annoying. For me it doesnt show up, even after landing lol

Will anything be done about the fog problem? I heard a rumor that you guys are working on weather?


It will be overhauled, yes. No timeframe.


Good to know this is getting attention. Having great visibility is nice and all but the low-vis approaches are very exciting.


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