Why is flying into KLGA more expensive than flying into KJFK?

I wanted to fly through KLGA the next time i took a family vacation so i looked at KLGA and found the prices (on delta) were twice the price to fly through KLGA than through KJFK even though going through KJFK was more miles and it was on a larger aircraft (KBOI-KSEA-KJFK) compared to (KBOI-KMSP-KLGA). Does anyone know why this is?


Because LaGuardia is closer to the Manhattan, which is where most business travelers and tourists are going.


hmmm maybe. Its kinda dumb that people would pay $300-$500 more to be a few minutes closer to downtown.

i mean if anyone would know it would be you

Some Airlines only fly into one or the other, and rarely, if ever both. For example, Air Canada flies into LGA (and EWR), not JFK. Fliers on Air Canada don’t have a choice between LGA and JFK.

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Really? Usually JFK is the most expensive. I would say at JFK, the demand is there and prices are low. However, at LaGuardia the renovations were expensive. They may need the money for reimbursement… I’m no airport expert by the way.

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youre right i completely forgot about those

Tbh you be doing airline sector a favour by giving them your cash and showing support in return to them since there in tight situation right now.

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LGA is also a smaller airport when compared to JFK, so landing fees are probably higher as a direct result, and airlines are passing that cost on to customers via the higher prices.

You could probably fit 1.5-2 LGA’s in one JFK.

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well nobody is going to use the more expensive option even if the airline is struggling. well at least no middle class person.

Probably, but I’d favour too.

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Ok so I don’t live in NYC but this might be the same principle as for EGLC, it is mostly used by business people and seeing as EGLC is in central London so more people like that fly there. Im assuming that this is the same, with LGA so close to huge buildings like that, it must be used by businessmen who are rich perhaps


That surprises me. I’m assuming you’re planning on flying Delta, as one option has a layover in MSP. I live in Minneapolis, and when I try to fly Delta to New York, LGA is almost always cheaper… not sure why.

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maybe its just locationwise

It’s really situational depending on the route’s demand, capacity, and airlines, along with the day you’re flying the route.

For example, here’s American Airlines’ prices on RDU-LGA and RDU-JFK on a day in May.

In this case, the nonstop to JFK is more expensive while LGA is significantly cheaper, and a connecting option to JFK at $74 is able to come close to LGA’s $67, but JFK is still slightly more expensive. I’m sure if you search other routes, you’ll find JFK to be more expensive than LGA or the other way around, like your BOI example.

But in theory, LGA should be a bit more expensive:

(Took this from Spirit Airlines)

Legacy carriers (American, Delta, United) hold a greater percentage of slots at LaGuardia compared to JFK. AA, DL, and UA hold 81.7% of the slots at LGA. Traditionally, these legacy carriers will have higher prices compared to low-cost carriers, so you’ll typically see more higher fares because of their large influence.

In contrast, at JFK, JetBlue, who isn’t exactly a low-cost carrier but isn’t a legacy carrier, somewhat brags about its low fares. So with JetBlue holding over a fourth of the JFK slots, they’re able to have a greater influence on driving down prices for certain routes compared to impacting prices over at LGA with their 2.7% of slots (and Southwest/Spirit/Frontier’s 7.4%, which doesn’t influence much).

Also, you may be aware of JetBlue entering the New York JFK to Boise market later this summer. If they price their fares relatively low, that could lead to other carriers lowering the price of their connecting options.


thats awesome i have family in nyc.

By the way, is this a RWA topic?

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This. It’s the same reason items from the convenience store cost more than those same items at a grocery store, convenience.

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Yes sir it is.

Delta is super expensive none the less what airport it is, fly with United out of KEWR, they have better prices then Delta (in most routes) has out of LGA or JFK, or go low cost carrier

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