Why is flying a hold so difficult

i find it extremely dificult to fly a hold in infinite flight. when I fly in xplane i just need to put it in autopilot holding mode and it does the work for me. any tips

I believe there’s a fpl. File for holding, but I forgot what it was called

I’m pretty sure if you get put in a hold and have nav mode activated it will fly the hold automatically. Not exactly sure on that but I believe that’s the case.

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No, this is not correct.

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I recommend looking at this:

Interesting I’ve only ever been placed in a holding pattern once on live flight. None the less I’d be interested to know how to hold in infinite flight.


Holds are one of the slightly tricker things to fly, even in real life while doing IFR training.

A good resource I would recommend is this video here:

Then all you have to do is fly the actual racetrack pattern of the hold - which is the easier part. That’s just about following the course that you set on your VOR and flying inbound and outbound in a set pattern.

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