Why is flight following not required after check in?

Why do IFATC keep on saying flight following not required after check in when it’s shown in the user guide that you have to do flight following after check in?? What should I do to avoid their threats and not be reported??

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What Aircraft were you using

From what I know it is not Check In then flight following, it is one or the other.


Below is an explanation on the differences.

As for reports, do make sure you check the user guide, but I don’t see one being reported for this mistake in isolation.


Only Smaller aircraft or VFR aircraft can only respond with Flight following.

777 and a320

No 777 is not a small aircraft

What’s to stop a larger aircraft being flown VFR? The difference isn’t as simple as don’t check in with a C172 and do in an A380.

The manual definition is clearer for the OP.

Btw it happens everytime I check in and request flight following.

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It’s mentions that flight following is required

IK one smaller aircraft can request flight following

Larger aircraft like the 777 are not need for flight following

I don’t think so in the user guide it never mentions this…

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So what to request??? Nothing???

An IFATC supervisor told me this

No I learnt to play IF from the user guide.

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What server are you

Not right now!!! But I am always on the expert server…

They always say “Emirates 211, flight following is not required after check in”

This means the conditions of your flight are based on instrument flight rules (IFR), not visual flight rules (VFR).

Just read the above and you’ll be fine.