Why is everyone flying to KNUC?

Because challenging to land

How? 😂. A long runway with a perfectly clear approach and no dangerous terrain. It’s extremely easy


I come in at about 400 knots OF COURSE

Well that’s your fault doesn’t mean the airport is difficult. Also, you should never exceed 350 knots

@Insertusernamehere… Want easy, buy Candyland airplane App, Enjoy. LOL

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I stall and crash when i turn around and the 747-400 is like the rotax 850 eter full throttle

And i do mach 3 landings

This is all on the casual server right? 😅


Yes and i did i wingstrikewith My F18 doing mach 3 (3000knots ground speed)

I’ve always saw it as the flocking spot for new IF pilots. As So Cal is already popular this island location makes for a scenic flight. Maybe thats why. I personally fly where the Expert Server is the most active


Why not ?

I think it’s because it’s an island, so it’s “cool” to land there.


I never fly with 747 there IT always exeeds 400 kts

It’s really not a great airport logistically, taxing is a challenge with so many people. However for some reason it gives me that “vacation destination” vibe. Maybe it’s the long runway and small parking area but it’s really nice. With all that water too. You can do some great flights to Palm Springs in a q400. Overall a nice airport when people aren’t in the grass and flying upside down. 10/10 would fly again.

I believe it’s a comvenient airport