Why is every flight so turbulent?

i feel like every flight i take is so shakey and violently turbulent during cruise, and constantly. i’m not talking about little bursts, it’s like every second. is there a way to fix this? currently flying E175 KSRQ- KGCN, just leveled off at 34000ft weighing abt 74000lbs and i’m very turbulent. was the same yesterday when i flew KSRQ-KDEN in the E175. and it also happens in the a320.

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What are the winds like?

It happens because of the winds

@SammyDoesGaming winds are 83kts… ik that’s high but transatlantic flights sometimes get 200+kt winds and aren’t very turbulent


Transalantic is like that you will always get winds where ever you go in the world you cant avoid them

83 knots is a lot for an E175. Yes, it can be more, but only larger aircraft usually face 200+.

The wind is why.

Almost all of the US is blanketed by high flight level turbulence today. Turbulence and wind are not the same thing.


It’s because the storm system messing everything up in the USA has been disturbing the winds up in FL300+

You can try EGLL - EHAM (El Classico), it doesn’t have turbulences.🍿


Ever heard of weather change

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