Why is doing ATC controller on Training server so stressful

I’m new in Infinite Flight but not new in flight simulators at all. I’m old dog grown on MSFS with poor textures quality but with live ATC via additional programs which maintained high realistic enjoyment.

Until few day ago I had no idea there are so sofisticated flight sims avaible for mobile devices. Since I have my own family, there is no time to turn on my PC and enjoy few hours flight, so this possibility (to play on android) is just golden for me.

I tried to fly, but accelerometer controls seems to be very unnatural for me. I need to feel controller and its resistance. So possibility to connect my hotas hardware is just great. Only need to wait than all reductions will be delivered.

As an ATC lover I decided to do ATC controller until I’ll be able to fly. I was so excited whan I found out how good is ATC system done in IF. This was the first interesting ATC system for android I found since I’m using real pilot and real ATC controller training app with voice recognition. Now I already spended hours as controller in IF…😄

But disappointment arrived soon. As Grade 1 pilot I’ve got access to training server only as traffic controller, with no possibility to be trained or tested yet. It seemed fair. It is just the same or similar training/casting system I know and I passed in other systems during years I’m flying.

So I’m doing ATC on the training server with no rules for now. And it begins to be very stressful, tedious, sometimes frustrating to someone who wants to do a good job…to someone with previous experiences . Many pilots doing their best except a “few” (actually more than few) individuals trolling other players, especially ATCs. Few individuals who’s causing absolute confusion and degrading game from sim to arcade for all players around.

There are 3 servers in the game if I understood clearly.

Casual…where you can do whatever you want and gain same xps by flying like on other servers.

Than Training one…where are flying advanced pilots, training and trying to be good like expert.

And Expert server, which works as full - fledged simulator with strict rules.

What I don’t understand is why players, who is not interested in simulated flights (still taxiing thru a grass, landings/takeoffs on taxiways, non comunicating, non cooperating,non responding…) are playing on the training server.

My hardware components will be delivered tomorow, so wish me luck. Need to get myself to grade 3 as fast as I can even fly.

So up to the to the clouds.
See you on the expert server.


I do get stressed out in training but it is mostly because some people don’t like to follow the rule and go somewhere you don’t want them. Eventually at the end you are just trying to be a good atc that wants everyone to follow the rules. Trust me I’ve gone through this before.


Hello @Michal_Pospisil. I’m also impressed with Infinite Flight’s ATC multiplayer system.

If controlling is for you I invite you to join the IFATC that controls the skies of the Expert Server. Everything you need to know is here:

Read it and when you meet the requirements, apply to IFATC.




I wish after a certain number of observations you could at least gain access to the ability to warn and report repeat offenders on the training server. There is quite a gap between training and expert.


I agree I’m at 5300 operations and I’m annoyed when people don’t do what you say

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You’re lucky. I’m stuck on the Training server for another 8 months because I didn’t listen to ATIS at YSSY. Honestly ridiculous.

Just something to keep in mind, a high number of operations does not necessarily mean that the controller has a good understanding of controlling. A controller could have more than 30,000 operations, BUT that does not guarantee us that the controller gave the right instructions and used the right commands on every one of those operations.

Additionally, the Report option could become the wrong tool in the hands of an inexperienced controller. As the controller could force the pilots to follow the wrong instructions. That’s why a certain level of ATC knowledge is required to gain access to this tool.


I would be nice though to have a button that says pls follow instructions without the or you will be reported because all they have is disregard flight plan pls follow atc instructions


That’s my one problem with doing approach on training server as they start spamming frequency changes 50 miles out from the airport.

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I know + [ten more letters]

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If you do something that the pilot doesn’t want to do they will get off the frequency and do what they want

Ohhh yes, the joys of the training server. A great place to improve skills but there are some that can inhibit that experience.


Especially people like me who have to deal with being on the TS for 8 months… it is gonna get very frustrating.

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I agree, that would be a cool feature to have but at the end of the day, it would be useless as it would just be a warning and pilots would not follow instructions either way. 😔

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I find the TS a lot like the CS


Where, the pilots can do whatever they want but the only thing is is the speed violations


It’s kind of the same thing as the CS, it just has violations and people who have very minimal experience with IF. At least it has ATC…


There are also aerobatics violations, taxi violations, and one more I think


I think you should have to be more experienced to play in the training server


I 100% agree with this statement.