Why Is Denver Always Empty?

Did you manage to get the ATC’s name? If yes, do ask him what’s going on via PM

hes still on i think. hes in aspen, both ground a tower last i saw

Alright, just ask him alright? My phone is kaput so I can’t check

LAX best airport I like control it every time

Lol how is it even the best airport for controlling when almost everybody flies there and then it lags so much? :P

You see here it happen again you all the time following me and read what I have to say

It doesn’t matter. Don’t harp on it. Or else, people will flag your reply as off-topic.

The ATC will not let you take off for a reason. Please send me or @Tyler_Shelton @Mark_Denton @Joe the controllers name and they shall sort it out. Also please check out tutorials on here about using ATC commands and also ease follow the instruction of the air traffic controller. :)

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