Why is density altitude only on Canadian metars?

I have noticed that density altitude is only on Canadian METARs and not on any other ones in the world.


Maybe this should be in #support?

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No, it isn’t a technical issue with
Infinite Flight. I have personally never seen density altitude on a METAR, in IF or anywhere else. I haven’t ever flown in Canada. Here is a metar for CYVR I just grab ed from Google
METAR CYVR 311600Z 11008KT 040V140 20SM BKN150 BKN180 20/11 A2989 RMK AC6AC1 PRESRR SLP124 DENSITY ALT 700FT=
So, there’s nothing wrong with IF. It’s just something that they add in to Canadian ones just for… not the sake of it, but I think it just so you can see it you need it. It’s some countries use different formats for there METARs.


While Infinite Flight uses weather globally and pulls from different weather databases… That isn’t an Infinite Flight issue at all - actually its a difference in how different governments display their weather information. In the United States, Density Altitude is only reported on the METAR if the value is greater than 1000ft higher than the elevation of the airfield. In Canada, this remark is added when the Density Altitude is 200ft or higher than the aerodrome/airport elevation.

Density Altitude Definition:
Density Altitude is pressure altitude corrected for nonstandard temperature. As temperature and altitude increase, air density decreases. In a sense, it’s the altitude at which the airplane “feels” its flying.

If you look at this weather density prong chart, you will see the weather systems moving across the United States and Canadian region. Density Altitude is based upon temperature and pressure reported at the location (airport in this case). Over much of Canada and the United States, there is a ton of High and Low Pressure Systems and a whole lot of moisture in the air!

Globally, if you’re ever curious about the Density Altitude, you can call the airports AWOS/ASOS station telephone number (found using airnav.com or skyvector.com) and that information will always be displayed

CYYZ 311600Z 16009KT 120V190 15SM FEW042 FEW220 27/15 A2991 RMK CU2CI1 CI TR SLP128 DENSITY ALT 2100FT

KJFK 311551Z 10009KT 10SM FEW011 BKN027 OVC100 23/21 A2984 RMK AO2 RAE15 SLP103 P0000 T02280206

Example of a US Airport having a density altitude in the METAR:
KMSY 291400Z AUTO 18006KT 10SM CLR 28/13 A3001 RMK SLP161 DENSITY ALT 1000FT

Aviation Weather Services Guide by NAV Canada:

Aviation Weather Services Guide by the FAA (USA):

Hope this explains your question! Let me know if you have any further inquires about Density Altitude or Canadian/US Weather! I’ll be happy to help :)


Okay this does thanks.

I never knew about this at all. It seems as if this isn’t a thing in Europe as I haven’t noticed a Density Altitude on European METARs in years of flying on IF (or I just missed it).

Very good and interesting explanation @Balloonchaser!

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