Why is casual server so busy?

Hello people,
Just curious.
Why the heck is casual server v2 so busy? There isn’t ATC, it is, well, the casual server, but still, why the heck is it so busy on that server? Any ideas? Busy since this morning.


People want to test the new aircraft/features without getting strange violations

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refueling mission

also violation glitch

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I’m guessing because training server is at least for me not responding or connecting that good. I have to jump to casual or expert just to fly . Apple air 2 , complete reinstall the app 2 times , iOS 11.2 before the update .

Whenever a new update is released the servers usually get a huge increase in users flying. As for why the causal server is busier…If you aren’t aware of how a plane flies (physics) then it makes sense to test it out before hand on the casual server.

I imagine a lot of people are especially testing out the autopilot on fighter jets, and don’t want violations in the process. There’s a lot of fun to be had with the new features that could result in violations, so casual server is the place to go.


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