Why is casual and training server crashing like after every 20 minutes?

I had been flying On Live for like a 3 hour flight in which the server crashed for like 13-14 times whereas my internet (LTE) was quite fine and was working normal. Not only me but the pilots flying with me experienced the same. I had been flying today since the morning and I had got like 7400 xp( check the leaderboards; ‘XP’ ‘Today’/‘Last 24 hours’ and check out ‘IG-IF Aviation Kaler’).

I guess it’s cuz of Global streaming and all.
What are your reviews? Can any MOD explain here and than close this topic after explanation ?
Thanks! Good day
Also, Happy and Safe landings!


Should go in #support but ok


Done :) thanks for informing though!

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It’s happening on the ATC side as well where all you pilots become invisible.


Not sure what is going on but its becoming more frequent. I have a feeling it’s more of a server side issue than our network error.


I think it has something to do with GLOBAL!


Although it could…


TS1 has had issues reported like this before where the server would crash often and when TS2 was still active, people used to fly there to avoid those issues. I don’t necessarily think that those server issues gave anything to do with global but I hope with the global update, the TS connection and lag issues aren’t as persistent and/or completely fixed.

It’s because the staff has decided to eat

from lauraviatrix is lauraviatrix laura?


Yes Lauraviatrix on Ig is Laura, and I think that the server crashing a little is fine for the staff to get some nice together time 😂

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I’m hoping it does lol. #global next weekend!!


That happened to me to, restart your device and you should be fine

I know about her account. Don’t you guess it’s a bit off-topic ?😉

Done it. We need to get an answer by any of the MODs

He’s fine, don’t police. And here has been an answer, Tyler said there will be a server reboot soon. Last time they had this issue that is how they solved it, and there haven’t been one in a while.

I have been having this issue too! I think its Global testing, which is hurting the servers.


They’ve done a server reset which hasn’t been done recently. The hope is that it would resolve several issues that have come up.

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Probs due to streaming and trying out different servers to host a 2tb world.

Don’t expect it so soon. It’s still in early phases.


These server crashes have been common through the passed week. The servers have been reset for now and, the issue is being worked on. For now, they should be good.


Thanks for the information Carson. Good day.