Why is Boeing Better or Worse then Airbus?

Ok, before I begin this is NOT a Airbus vs Boeing thread, I have been seeing a lot of people lately saying that Boeing is better then airbus BUT no one can give a legit reason. This thread is not meant to start any arguments I am just interested in hearing people opinions. I feel like some people don’t know all the facts about theres two fantastic companies. I hope someday we can stop arguing and start appreciating these two companies that have changed Aviation forever.

Here are a few of the most popular reasons why Boeing is better

1. Because it’s American

well thats not a valid reason because airbus is also produced in America and boeing gets most of there parts from over seas

2. Its more efficient and has a better safety record.

while some planes beat each other out on efficenty both manufactures have a fantastic safety history.

3. Airbus is government funded and Boeing is not

This one is Half true, Yes, airbus is funded by the French, German Goverments and A few British investors. But Boeing Has also received MILLIONS of dollars in tax breaks and government money. And to be honest there is nothing wrong with receiving money from outside people if it makes there products safer and more reliable.

last but not least my personal favorite reason…

4. Because it is

seems like every time you throw a die-hard Boeing fan on the spot this is what they say. LOL

A valid reason of why Airbus is a better company is because of back in 2016 when Boeing tried to put a 300% Tariff on the bombardier Cseries jets almost running Bombardier bankrupt, This was very unfair because Boeing DOES NOT make a competitior to the Cseries.

Im not saying which company is better. please let me know what you think, I would love to hear everyones opinions.


To be honest, I don’t really care which is better - as long as it flies without crashing I’m happy


you are exactly correct sir! we are all into aviation it shouldn’t matter!


Literally… So true XD


People will always have different opinions and not agree with each other. As much as you have good intentions I believe this topic will just turn into arguments no matter what. With a topic like this requiring a lot of moderation.

Thank you anyway :)