Why is Bahrain closed

Thats my mission destination will i get a violation for landing there? Seems kinda ridiculous to close an airport in a video game.

It’s not closed - it’s just that Runway 12R/30L is “closed” and used as a taxiway IRL - which is reflected in IF for “realism” purposes.

You can still land on Runway 12L/30R just fine :)


OK thanks I didn’t land bc I was afraid I’d receive a violation

There is *an auto-violation system for that.

Correct me if i’m wrong

Actually there is. But you can avoid it if you can brake fast enough.

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Ahh, thank you.

I just checked, game still considers it a runway so there is no taxi speed violation. You could absolutely land on it as long as no sup/staff sees you do it.

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